Welcome to Manatee County's

Citizens Action Center.

The Citizens Action Center provides a central contact point for citizens to request a service, seek information/referrals, and direct complaints, compliments and suggestions regarding government service.

The Citizens Action Center operates a 24/7 help line. You may call 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, to report problems that require County attention (such as loose or dangerous animals, broken water mains, sewer problems, stop sign down…). County staff are available to respond to (941) 747-HELP (4357) calls on weekends, holidays and during evening hours.

Click the 'Citizens Action Ctr' button to enter a new request or check the status of a previous request.

Citizens Action Center
Manatee County Administration Center
1112 Manatee Avenue West, Suite 902, Bradenton, FL 34205
Mailing Address: Post Office Box 1000, Bradenton, FL 34206
Phone: (941) 747-HELP (4357)
Fax: (941) 745-3790


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